The Popularity of Classic Ford F Series Trucks – Generations I and II

Are you thinking of buying a used pickup truck? Maybe you want more than just an old truck. If so, you might want to check out classic Ford truck parts and restore the late 40s or 50s model truck. There are many reasons to own a classic Ford F series pickup truck and here are some things to think about.


As of 2019, there are thirteen generations of F series pickups. The first generation appeared in the latter part of 1947 (1948 models) and was in production until 1952. One of the most popular early models was the F-1 half-ton truck. In 1948 you could buy a Bonus-Built pickup, and this truck came with four-wheel drive as an option.

The 1948 F Series trucks were available in flatbeds and panel trucks. These trucks represented a big design change. For example, the vertical grill was now horizontal is design. The headlights and grill were set in, apart from the rest of the front. You can still buy classic Ford truck parts for these vehicles from a trusted source like Concours Parts & Accessories.

Second Generation

1953 saw the next F Series generation. The engine was improved, and changes were made to the truck chassis. The name “F-1” was now F-100, and this name has been a part of this line of trucks ever since. The F-2 and F-3 became the F250 (3/4 ton), and F4 was now the F-350 (1-ton).

From 1953 to 1956 many classic Ford truck parts are interchangeable. For instance, fenders, hood, and cabs are virtually the same. However, 1956 offered some exciting improvements like optional seat belts with redesigned windshields and dashboards. If you plan to restore a first or second generation Ford pickup, you may be the envy of everyone who sees your completed project.

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