The Importance of Proper Gutter Repair

Our gutters are often forgotten or taken for granted. They sit there and do their job year after year, and everything is fine. But when a problem pops up, the damage can be extensive and expensive. Proper care of gutters is therefore of paramount importance. In the Boston MA area, we have many challenges that can affect our gutters, so making sure they are functioning as they should is crucial.

Gutter Care in the Winter

Even though much of the precipitation during the wintertime involves snow, not water, the gutters perform a role that is equally important as the one they are tasked with in the warmer months. As snow melts, it streams down the sides of our roofs and into the gutters. Snow on the roof will melt sooner than snow on the ground due to the rising of the heat within the home. Additionally, many roofs are black, and they conduct heat. Therefore, the sun’s energy is absorbed, and this can help melt snow as well. As this water streams down, it needs to be accurately channeled away from home. If not, water can get into the basement as it trickles down the side of the house and through the foundation. Having your gutters checked before the winter begins as well as after a major storm is advisable to make sure they are equipped to handle melting snow. Gutter replacement is necessary when your gutters cannot adequately perform this task.

Your gutters are also susceptible to weakening that takes place as a result of ice dams. As the ice builds up, it sits like a huge brick inside the gutter. This can significantly weaken the fasteners–usually screws and brackets–that join the gutters to the house. If there is snowfall after any ice damming occurs, this will add even more weight that the gutters may not be equipped to support. It is important to check them regularly to ensure they are still effective and viable. If they are not, the best solution may be a gutter replacement.

Gutter Care in Warmer Seasons

As water attacks your home, the drainage system that is designed to protect your home from it begins with the gutters. Typically, a home is built with a graded slope extending out from the foundation. This helps with drainage significantly, but poor guttering can cause that slope to be eroded–and quickly–by the water that runs onto it and through it. Properly maintained gutters can prevent this. If they are damaged, the most sensible option may be gutter replacement.

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