The Benefits of Hiring A Charter Boat And Guide To Fish Near Richmond, CA

If you’ve heard that that the waters near Richmond, CA, including the San Francisco Bay and the California Delta, are great areas to fish, but you’re not sure how to get started, then hire a charter boat and guide. The right charter service is experienced, knowledgeable, fully equipped and focused on you having a great day out on the water.

Experienced and knowledgeable

When it comes striper fishing Delta CA, you need someone who knows the where to find the species and when, and that knowledge only comes with experience. Look for a team that likes to brag about their boat; it’s a sign that they’re passionate about the sport and what they do.

Adequately equipped

For striper fishing Delta CA, it’s critical to have the right rods and reels as well as the correct lines, lures and tackle, and a charter company will have it all ready for you even before you get on the boat. They will supply bait, and you won’t have to sweat the details when it comes to gear, so you’ll be able to concentrate on bonding with friends and family and having an awesome day. A great charter team will know how to clean your catch for you quickly and will have the supplies to get it packaged to take home.

All about the customer

A charter team will know the best species to target on a certain day, but they will also listen closely to you if you’ve got a different species in mind. They will be able to make your trip a success no matter what the tides and winds are doing. Whether you are after shark in the Bay or sturgeon in the Delta, you can have a fantastic charter-fishing experience through Delta Fishing Charters. Follow our Facebook page today!

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