The Benefits Of A Sand Filter System

There is a range of different options for removing any type of particulate matter and contaminants from water. One of the most effective and lowest cost options on the market is a sand filter system.

The choice of a filtration system is important based on the specific filtration requirements. For example, any sand filter system is highly effective at removing particles that are 50 to 100 microns in size. These systems are not effective at removing smaller particles than 50 microns, but they can still be used in conjunction with a multi media filter that offers progressive filtration through increasingly fine options in media to provide the water purity required.

Advantages to Consider

The design of a sand filter is relatively simple. The contaminated water enters the top of the tank, and it moves through the layers of sand by gravity. The size of the tank and the different options in filters systems, including multiple tanks in the multi media filter systems, is configured to meet the volume of effluent water produced in the specific option.

This means that the sand filter system can be customized to your specific application. While a custom design does add an initial cost, the return on investment with reliable, effective filtration is evident from the first use of the system. These systems are surprisingly compact and can be customized to work within specific space requirements.

As with all types of filtration systems, they are fully automated and require limited maintenance and downtime for routine work. By adding a fully automated backwash operation to the system, even basic maintenance is virtually eliminated. The backwash system can even be set up to use water from the filtration unit, meaning no additional sources of fresh water is required to complete the backwash process.

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