The Basics Of Medical Device Machining

The range of options in medical devices in the market continues to grow with new research and new technologies. The production of medical devices needs to be completed with high levels of precision and quality control throughout the process to meet the standards required for new device approval and for ongoing quality control.

As with any type of device, part, or component, there are often different ways to approach the manufacturing and production process. For metal devices or for some of the new plastics, precision CNC machining using state-of-the-art software and machining centers provides the precision, production capacity and built-in quality control that is essential in this industry.

Design Considerations

It is often beneficial for the in-house design team developing a new medical device to work closely with an experienced machining company. With their own engineers, the medical device machining service can provide insight into slight changes in different elements of the design that can increase durability, decrease the challenges of machining and also help to reduce the overall costs of production.

As longevity is a critical factor in any medical device, these recommendations are a benefit to the product and may offer the medical device OEM an overall advantage over other products in the market.

Industry Understanding

In working with a shop that routinely provides medical device machining services, the OEM has the confidence in knowing the team understands the standards, regulations, and requirements that are necessary for medical device production. This is an essential consideration in any type of outsourcing of services or contract manufacturing for medical equipment and devices.

With an established and approved quality control system in place, a medical device machining service is a cost-effective way to move from design through to prototype and then into production. In choosing an experienced machining company, the OEM has the added advantage of expertise and experience as well as a range of possible value-added services.


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