The Advantages of Owning and Using Authentic Full Tang Swords

Full tang swords feature a metal blade that runs through the length of the handle, which creates a stronger and more balanced weapon than a blade with a handle that’s just bolted on the top. These swords aren’t merely decorations that are meant to hang on a wall. Rather, the strength and durability of the design translates into a sturdy weapon that can actually hold a sharp edge. This offers several advantages if you plan on using your swords to train rather than to dress up a room.

Sturdiness Leads to Easier Sharpening

If you’ve ever tried to sharpen a sword that has a flimsy handle, you know how frustrating an experience that can be. Whether you prefer to use a sharpening tool or a whetstone, it’s hard to get a good grip on a sword that isn’t completely attached to its handle. This makes it extremely difficult to get the right kind of edge on it.

Full tang swords don’t have this problem, since you can grip them tightly enough to sharpen them however you like. If you use grinding wheels or other tools you should have no problem getting a great edge.

Holding Together When Doing Real Work

The most obvious advantage, however, comes when it’s time to do some actual work. Cutting anything with a blade that isn’t attached well to its handle is a serious chore. However, full tang swords don’t have this problem. If you strike them against something, then they should hold together. They’re certainly strong enough for any kind of practice. Whether you study an Eastern or Western style, these blades can perform admirably. Some users have even noted that they can hold up to general-purpose use as a piece of hardware. Of course, no sword enthusiast would want to do this to a treasured weapon.

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