Swimming Pool Resurfacing in Ohio: The Advantages of Epoxy Paint

An inground swimming pool eventually will require resurfacing. The need for resurfacing typically is indicated by the development of flaws in the walls. The owners may want to make their own decisions about the material that will be used for swimming pool resurfacing in Ohio. Paint and plaster are the two options for this work.

Sticking With Epoxy

Epoxy paint has distinct advantages, but it can only be applied if the current finish is made of the same material. Pool owners who are thinking about other options will want to consider the benefits of sticking with epoxy.


Blue is the most popular color for swimming pool interiors. Nevertheless, owners have several options if they want their pool to look different from the rest. Epoxy paint has the advantage of creating a smooth, seamless surface. The aesthetic quality is appealing.


Epoxy generally lasts longer than acrylic paint does, and it can have a longer lifespan than plaster. On average, an application of epoxy paint during swimming pool resurfacing in Ohio should last for at least 10 years.

Hiring a Professional

The pool must be drained and allowed to dry for several days before epoxy is applied. This type of paint must be applied with precision as well as care to prevent debris from getting into the material. Otherwise, the paint could start peeling prematurely. For this reason, it’s best to hire a pool resurfacing professional to do the work. Contact American Clean & Seal, the name you can trust for cutting edge swimming pool resurfacing and epoxy flooring services in Arizona and the nearby areas.

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