Spiritual Retreats

Taking a break from your everyday life gives you the chance to find yourself

again. Our spiritual retreat centers allow you to reconnect with yourself and your journey to

spiritual enlightenment. We welcome people of all faiths as well as those who simply want to

find themselves again or awaken their inner love for nature and humanity. Our retreat center

celebrates Mother Nature and humanity.

When you join us for a spiritual retreat, you can expect to be warmly welcomed into our retreat

center. Our common areas are well-appointed with comfortable chairs, expansive windows and

everything that you need for an enjoyable conversation. Whether you prefer to read a book or

just sit quietly and enjoy the view of nature on our 173 acre property, you have come to the

right place.

Our guest rooms offer both comfort and style. While we have chosen a neutral color palette and

minimalist approach to design, we have not sacrificed comfort or amenities. Each guest room has

plush beds, comfortable chairs and floor mats for you to use when meditating or exercising. Our

center prepares healthy and tasty meals for you to feed your body and your soul. During the

sessions with our spiritual guides and therapists, you will have the chance to share with

others. If you prefer, you can simply listen to what others have to say, and learn throughout

the spiritual awakening journey.

When you are looking for spiritual retreat centers, Sedona Mago Retreat Center is the right

choice. We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you into our comfortable guest areas. Give

us a call today in order to reserve your place for our next spiritual retreat program. You may

also visit us online at https://sedonamagoretreat.org/ in order to view the different programs

that we have to offer.

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