Rosemount Analysers for Versatility, Convenience and Accuracy in Flow Measuring

by | Feb 20, 2020 | Industrial Equipment

For measuring various physical and chemical properties of liquids, including dissolved oxygen, chlorine, turbidity, conductivity and flow rate, the Rosemount 1056 analyzer is the optimum tool, with such features as quick start programming and routines for sensor calibration in seven languages.

Analyzer Applications and Features

The Rosemount 1056 presents a number of advantages:

  • Input from a single or dual sensors with unlimited combinations for dual measurements.
  • Sensor choices across a wide range, supporting the majority of municipal, commercial and industrial applications
  • Easy configuration changes through a modular design that permits replacement of single input boards in the field
  • Live display of process values during routines for calibration and programming for convenience and safety
  • Paused current outputs for process stability

The Rosemount 1056 allows sensors to be mounted in the main flow or side flow in the event main-flow conditions, such as temperature, surpass the capabilities of the sensors. Process flow can also remain consistent through the option of retractable sensors for calibration and cleaning.


Specification of sensors with a Veriopol connector is a popular option available for most sensors, enabling quick sensor removal without the need for cable disconnection.

For 3-A sanitation and Clean-In-Place applications for pharmaceuticals and food and drink, in-line sensors with Perlick or Tri-Clamp fittings are also an option.

Consult a Process-Control Supplier

An instrumentation supplier can draw from various industries, including power utilities, waste-water treatment, oil refineries and chemicals, pharmaceuticals, industrial and food-related product manufacturers to supply control instrumentation, including temperature and pressure monitors, flowmeters, transmitters, panel meters and high-quality valves. Contact Keco Engineered Controls at 732-901-5900 or visit today

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