Renting a skip for home renovation

If you are preparing for a major renovation of your home, perhaps demolishing the interior of some of the rooms, it is absolutely essential that skips in Watford be in place, otherwise there will be no place for all the waste and debris. If you don’t arrange for a skip you can just pile it in the yard and hope it disappears by itself or you can load it in your car, bit by bit, and take it to the tip. Neither of these options is good.

No doubt that most people have seen skips around major construction sites, some are quite large, others more compact and suitable for a relatively small project. How does a homeowner go about hiring skips in Watford?
There are many companies that offer skip hire, the prices are variable of course based on the size in cubic yards, the length of time the skip will be located at your home and the distance from the yard to your home and then to the tip. The type of material that you will be disposing of also has a bearing on the cost as some material must be taken to a specific reprocessing centre as it is not allowable to dispose of it locally.

What if the skip will be located on the street?
When a homeowner hires skips in Watford he can have it dropped on his own property if there is room and it’s accessible or it can be dropped on the street in front of the house. If it sits on your property you have nothing to do, however, if it must sit on the street you will probably have to get a permit from the council. If you home is located in area where there is an active homeowners association, they too may have certain regulations that have to be followed.

Clear space:
It does not matter whether the skip will be placed on the street or on your property, what does matter is that there is space for the delivery and collection vehicle to manoeuvre. If you are expecting the drop-off soon, it often helps to place a couple of traffic cones in the area where it will sit, this stops people from parking and makes the delivery much easier as you don’t have to locate the vehicle owners and ask them to move.

If you need to hire skips in Watford for any purpose, in volumes from two to 12 cubic yards or larger, contact Holywell Grab & Skip Hire. Wait and load service is available. Click here to know more.

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