Preventing Back Pain With the Help of a Chiropractic Clinic in Olney MD

Back pain is a very common problem among adults, although most men and women only experience an acute episode once or twice and never develop chronic discomfort. Many people suffering from intermittent but chronic back pain seek treatment at a chiropractic clinic in Olney, MD, when these episodes flare up. Chiropractors can offer you numerous suggestions on how to prevent back discomfort for the most part and lengthen the time frames between these problems.


Stretching before doing an activity that will put strain on your back is recommended. That includes exercises at the gym, athletic activities, and yard work requiring bending and lifting.


Proper posture is essential for physical comfort and preventing strain that could lead to a trip to a chiropractic clinic in Olney, MD. That’s true when you stand, sit or walk. When lifting anything heavy, squat down and pick up the item so that your leg muscles take on much of the load. Bending over and picking up a heavy object can result in an acute strained muscle.


Participating in core stabilization and strengthening exercises helps you build power in your muscles, increases mobility and helps you feel more confident about engaging in physical activity without risking injury. Core strengthening exercises should be done two or three times each week.

Chiropractors can help with relief of back pain, and physical therapists at the clinic can teach you more about exercises that build strength and flexibility. You can learn more about Integrated Sport, Spine & Rehab

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