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The most effective diet pills for women used to be prescription-only treasures you had to pay an arm and a leg to get your hands on. Most of them were just extremely powerful water pills. Today, the most effective diet pills for women are one click of your mouse away. What makes these pills so powerful and yet so safe?

The Stars of Diet Pill Ingredients

Diet pills are nearly a century old. In that time, supplement manufacturers and the sports nutrition industry discovered a large handful of naturally derived substances that consistently work to burn stubborn body fat, curb appetite, provide energy, minimize net carb impact and prevent damage associated with free radicals.

The most effective diet pills for women combine several or all of these naturally-derived substances. Here’s a brief description of what they are.

Green Coffee Bean Extract, Green Tea & Caffeine

Caffeine needs no intro. It’s an instant energizer that also has moderate appetite-suppressing properties. Green coffee bean extract, taken from coffee beans that have yet to be roasted, naturally fights fat absorption, blocking the formation of new fat stores. Meanwhile, green tea supplies superhero compounds called catechins, which many authoritative studies link directly to safe fat loss.

Raspberry Ketones, Superfruit & Yohimbe Bark Extract

Yohime bark extract, the bark of an African tree, is rich in yohimbine, an alkaloid that acts on receptors in your brain. It gives you a healthy jolt of deep-body energy, mental focus and stamina, helping you tackle grueling workouts and long days at the office.

Raspberry ketones are chemically similar to the ketones your body produces naturally when it burns fat. Ketones supply energy to your brain during fasted states or states when your body’s preferred energy source, carbs, are low or unavailable. By supplementing with ketones, exercising and restricting carbs, you can trick your body into a safe, accelerated state of fat burning to shred stubborn inches in no time.

Superfruit extracts treat your body to a host of mega-antioxidants that ensure protection from free radical damage as you work out, slay your day, restrict calories and burn fat.

Garcinia Cambobia, Uva Ursi & Biotin

Biotin is the beauty vitamin in the vitamin B family. It protects and supports the health, strength and longevity of your hair, skin and nails, a crucial requirement when you’re dieting and exercising. Garcinia cambogia shuts down your body’s tendency to convert carb to fats, and uva ursi helps you shed excess bloat and water to unveil your hard-won curves.

We are a women-owned, California-based company boasting a full line of supplements designed specifically to meet the diet and weight loss needs of women. Find your perfect weight loss solution today, and start working immediately to sculpt your best body ever.

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