Is Your Shoulder Pain Due to a Shoulder Labrum Tear in Florida?

If you experience a shoulder labrum tear in Florida, you may be in pain and wonder what your treatment options are. There are surgical and non-surgical options for the tear, and good results can come from both. Talking with a healthcare provider that has experience in shoulder labrum tears can help you make the decision that is best for you.

Symptoms and Causes of Shoulder Labrum Tears

When you experience a tear of the labrum in your shoulder you may lose strength in that shoulder, a decrease in your range of motion, and/or pain when you perform overhead activities. You may also experience pain during the night and notice noises such as a popping sound coming from the joint. Likewise, you may feel a sticking or grinding sensation when moving the arm.

It is often possible to treat a labrum tear without surgery. The treatment protocol includes rest and anti-inflammatory medications as well as rehabilitation and physical therapy to strengthen the areas supporting the shoulder.

If non-surgical methods are not effective, you may require corrective surgery. The surgical repair process is relatively straightforward and you will need to wear a sling for up to a month after the procedure to allow for healing. Your healthcare provider will prescribe some exercises to strengthen the shoulder and help return range of motion to the area.

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