Growing Your Business with WordPress

WordPress started out with a pack of Web 2.0 competitors in 2003 and the fifteen years since has grown in unexpected directions. Starting out as blogging software and a content management system, were present is now home to everything from blogs, to websites, to e-commerce stores. It is a highly customizable system on the back end, and an endless number of plugins that are added in for various functions such as SEO, stats, and e-commerce.

Get Started

Starting a WordPress blog is easy and so is managing the content that you post there. The high level of page customizability makes it appealing for people who don’t want a cookie-cutter look. When moving your blog or website to WordPress, there are a few things to keep in mind.

1. Hosting plan? You’ll need to decide whether you will participate in a shared hosting plan, a VPS plan, or use it dedicated SQL server hosting. Shared hosting plans have their advantages, but also have some brutal drawbacks especially if your site has high traffic or scene any growth in traffic over time. Virtual private servers fall somewhere between shared hosting plans and a dedicated server, having features of each. Dedicated servers handle your website, company email, and other services without sharing and with higher security.

2. Migration? Migrating from your current site to a WordPress site is easy. First set up WordPress on your hosting site, then import the content from your previous website. There is a lot of tinkering, testing, and debugging to do to get the look that you want and add plugins that you need.

3. DIY or Pro? In some cases, it pays to go with a professional to handle both the migration and setting up the new site. They can test, update, debug, revise, and write fresh code where needed.

All Aboard!

Once you’ve determined what you need to grow your business with WordPress, get in touch with Planet Hosting and find out how affordable dedicated SQL server hosting can be. The company with the experience you need, the personal touch that you want, and don’t get lost in the cloud!

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