Fall Protection Equipment Helps Keep Workers at Elevated Heights Safe

Workers carrying out tasks on construction and industrial job sites at considerable heights above the ground are usually required to utilize fall protection equipment. Workers utilize this type of equipment in various situations. Fall protection devices may be used in industries such as warehousing, construction, and oil rigging.

Fall Protection Equipment

Harnesses designed for fall protection as well as other safety elements are all incorporated into SALA fall protection systems. The various features that comprise the systems include:

Body Support

If a a worker falls from an elevated position, the anti-fall harness the worker wears can help save his or her life. The harness distributes the load that occurs due to the forces involved with the fall over various parts of the body, including the upper thighs, pelvis, shoulders, and chest.


The anchor is the element that safeguards the attachment point in the fall protection system. These anchors must have the ability to absorb the arresting forces that are generated during the fall. These anchors are provided in multiple forms, including weld-on D-ring plates, web tie-off straps, cable chokers, and roof anchors.


Dissent and rescue devices are additional crucial components of fall protection equipment systems. Each second is vital when an emergency situation occurs and a quick escape her rescue becomes necessary. These critical situations are addressed effectively through the use of DBI/SALA equipment.

Anchorage Connectors

Shock absorbing lanyards and self-retracting lifelines fall under the category of anchorage connectors. These devices connect the anchor to the body harness of the user. When in use, the connectors should be short enough such that the worker utilizing the fall restraint system is not able to encounter a fall hazard.

SALA fall protection is required for workers performing tasks above hazardous equipment, regardless of the elevation.


The direct purpose for the design and manufacture of fall protection devices is to enhance the safety of workers and all human life. This equipment helps prevent the occurrence of serious injury and death on the job.

It is absolutely essential that these systems are implemented and used in accordance with all applicable safety codes and standards.

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