Extra Fees an International Moving Company May Charge in Fort Lauderdale

Anytime you decide to hire the services of a moving company, it is advisable to inquire if you might incur any additional charges aside from the standard bill based on the moving package you have chosen. Some of these charges should be included when you receive an estimate from the international moving company. Fort Lauderdale relocation providers should show you clearly what extra charges, if any, are applicable to you during your move. Here are some additional charges you may incur.

Appliance Service Charge

When you have appliances that need to be prepared for your relocation, such as refrigerators, dryers, and washers, including having them disconnected from your current place of residency to being reconnected at your new place of residency in Fort Lauderdale, you may incur side charges. Be sure to discuss this with the international moving company.

Accessory Charges

Other moving companies may choose to combine all extra fees that are not considered in the standard moving agreement fee. These accessory charges can include packing and unpacking services, dissembling furniture, or extra moving trucks used. Be aware in advance of any charge that may apply before signing the moving contract.

Elevator Carry Charges

If your home is situated where the movers might be required to go up and down an elevator while transporting your goods at your either current residence or destination point, you may be subject to an additional fee. However, not all moving companies charge for this. Ask for clarification on elevator carry charges.

Auxiliary Service Charge

This is an extra fee service charged when a move is delayed because of the need to transfer belongings to another truck. This is normally billed per hour. Make sure the international moving company is going to prevent incidents or situations that may necessitate the need to have the items transferred to another vehicle. This not only risks damages occurring but also creates delay and unnecessary charges you are not prepared to meet.

These extra charges are based on the nature of the circumstances surrounding your relocation in Fort Lauderdale. Therefore, before sealing the deal with a international moving company, ensure that you get a moving quote that clearly outlines all charges to help avoid any surprises.

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