Easy to Use Clip-On Fan

Comfort is something that matters, whether you are at work, at play or at home, you want to be comfortable. An easy to use clip-on fan is the perfect companion no matter where you travel to ensure your comfort. Just clip it on and go.

No Wires, Means Free To Roam

Don’t let the stifling heat keep you indoors. A fan with cords is a great way to stay cool but it only keeps you cool when an outlet is nearby. A clip on personal fan takes care of you no matter where you go. These fans are a great option at:

*     Baseball games and other sporting events
*     By the pool or on the beach
*     Camping, walking or hiking
*     School events
*     Outdoor events
*     Anyplace you want to stay cool

A clip-on fan is great in the office, at home or on the run. It is an easy option when personal comfort is a must! You do not have to worry about having a surface to sit the fan on. You do not have to worry about finding an outlet to plug up to. It is simple!

Clip It Anywhere

Whether you want to clip a fan to your jacket, purse, handlebars on your bike or anywhere else, the right clip on will accommodate your needs nicely. This is the option that you have been searching for to make life more comfortable wherever you go. Cool on the Go offers unmatched ease of use and quality cooling form their line of personal fans. This is the solution you have been searching for to help keep you comfortable no matter where you go. It is an ideal solution for the baby’s stroller, dads morning run and mom’s workday! Take advantage of a whole new level of comfort.

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