Benefits of a Music Education

Learning to play an instrument can be beneficial in a number of different ways. The following is a list of a few of the benefits that are gained from learning to play a musical instrument.

Increases Memory

Learning a musical instrument works wonders for the human memory and ability to retain information. When learning music you have to be able to remember what notes, keys or chords that you should playing at any given time. Your brain has to be able to work faster when playing, which builds your ability to remember different information. In fact there are many piano lessons in Naperville IL area that use memory tools to help students learn notes and songs. Recent studies have shown that musicians have far superior memories than their non-musical counterparts.

Brain Development

The comprehension of musical knowledge has been shown to improve overall learning ability in both children and young adults. Musical training builds the left brain, which is also responsible for learning and comprehension of other knowledge such as language. The ability to reason is all helped significantly by musical training, as well. Also by learning music your child will learn to persevere through other challenges that may present themselves throughout their lives.

Social Skills

Learning an instrument is a great way to make friends and acquaintances. This inevitably will develop social skills. It will also give you more confidence when dealing with other musicians. Being competitive between musicians is normal and should serve to build your confidence even further.


The basis for all music is rhythm and pitch. The use of different mathematical combinations helps to map out different types of musical modes. There are many different scales that use various mathematics to change sounds and pitch. Rhythm is also based on learning simple number counting sequences to know what specific tempo is used to play different pieces of music.

No matter if you choose to take Piano Lessons or trombone lessons, the benefits of music training are indisputable. Finding a great music teacher can be a difficult, but is also a rewarding process. Be sure to practice as often and as long as you are able to. It is easy to become frustrated when the lessons begin, but hopefully you will persevere and be able to reap the benefits that come along with music education.


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