Are You a Victim of Age Discrimination?

A lot of employers don’t often realize how their age-related biases affect their hiring decisions. Read on to know more about the issue to see if you’re suffering from the same problem.

What is it?

This is discrimination based on age. For instance, a prospective employer may not want to hire you because of your age and not of your skills, the Business News Daily says. If you thought you are being demoted, given undesirable tasks and fired because of your age, then you may have grounds to file a claim for age discrimination in Camarillo CA.

Signs of discrimination

Before you get in touch with a lawyer, evaluate your situation. Watch out for a few more signs. Does the company only hire younger employees? Do you often hear age-related remarks? Do some of the managers speak to you in a demeaning way because they think you are too young or old for the job? Do you always get passed over for promotions, feel left out or isolated from team outings or activities? These are all signs that you are a victim of discrimination because of your age.

Legal help

Talk to a lawyer to find out what your options are. Do you want to leave and sue? If you’re going to pursue that line of action, be clear on your reasons for doing so. Do you want a settlement? Or do you want the company to change its policies? Talking it out with a lawyer will help you work out what your motivation is for filing a lawsuit.

Choosing a lawyer

Pick a lawyer whose specialty is on cases that focus on age discrimination in Camarillo CA. Set an appointment and find out more about what you can expect when you go through with the lawsuit. A seasoned lawyer can make the experience easier for you.

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