An Aerobic Septic Tank In Conroe, TX Will Produce Cleaner Discharge Water

Clean water has become more important in recent years as pollution issues have increased. Groundwater has been polluted over the years due to a variety of circumstances, including sewage waste. Traditional septic systems perform well in some areas, but an Aerobic Septic Tank in Conroe TX will produce the cleanest discharge water possible.

Traditional septic systems only utilize a septic tank that holds the solids, and the water flows into a drain field that filters waste in the soil. When the septic system and drain field malfunction, it can cause contamination of the soil and groundwater in the area. An aerobic septic system is similar to a mini sewage treatment plant and results in cleaner discharge water.

What Additional Equipment Does An Aerobic System Use?

An aerobic septic system uses two tanks. One tank traps the solids and the second tank holds the water. Air is injected into the water to degrade the waste. The bacteria in the aerobic septic tank are made heavier with the air injection. The bacteria break down faster and leave the tank cleaner and clearer than before the process started.

An aerobic septic tank system can be designed to use the soil for further treatment. The aerator must be maintained and kept clean to keep the system working properly. If the air injectors are not cleaned, the water will not be properly cleaned before being discharged into a drainfield or through a drip system.


Although an Aerobic Septic Tank in Conroe TX is a cleaner type of septic system, it still requires regular maintenance to keep it working properly. The septic tank will still need to be pumped on a regular schedule so sludge and other solids do not enter the aerobic tank. If the solids travel to the aerobic tank, the system might have to be replaced.

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