5 Reasons to See a Doctor Right Away After You’ve Been in an Accident

If you’ve been in an accident, you’ll be wise not to dismiss any pain or discomfort you might feel. Here’s why it’s best to consult with an auto accident doctor in Orlando right away:

Symptoms aren’t immediate

A lot of the symptoms take time to develop. Some can take several days, KTAR News says. If you get headaches, or experience any neck or shoulder pain, that could indicate whiplash injuries. Back pain is also a common result of rear impact-collisions. By going to a doctor now, you can get the all-clear from your doctor and make sure if you’re all right or if you need any further treatment.

Pain, swelling or numbness

In some cases, though, you might feel abdominal pain or swelling or even numbness. These symptoms can be signs of a life-threatening condition. Don’t wait these out for a few days, thinking the symptoms will go away on their own. Seek out treatment as soon as you can.

Post-traumatic stress

You could suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder because of the accident, resulting in nightmares and disturbing memories of flashbacks that could affect the quality of your life. Consulting with an auto accident doctor in Orlando can mitigate the effects.

Official record of injuries

Going to the doctor means you have a record of your injuries. In case the injuries turn out to be serious and you need to file for a claim, a visit to the ER can provide you with records that can stand up in court.

Denied claims

In some cases, waiting too long before you consult with a doctor can cost you your right to a claim. Many states have a window for filing compensation. If you end up with costly treatment bills or lost wages, you have a much better chance of getting the compensation you deserve if you have these records.

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