5 Considerations When You Use Kiosks for Business

When you run a business, you don’t stop exploring the many ways you could reach out to your audience. Whether it’s updating your interior décor or bringing your business online after holding out for years, ensuring customer satisfaction is a major factor. These days, one of the most popular ways businesses are trying to reach customers is through kiosk marketing.

Kiosk: Definition

Kiosks are temporary booths companies set up in high traffic areas for marketing purposes, says the Entrepreneur. These kiosks are typically small, stand-alone units that don’t require any manpower, dramatically reducing labor costs for companies.

Using Kiosks

Thinking of using kiosks for your marketing? Here are a few tips to help you:

1. Consider the service environment. When you buy a kiosk, it’s smart to factor in the service environment. Putting a kiosk in the airport? Advertising about the new credit card you offer with perks for frequent-flyers is ideal. So is using a kiosk to advertise a new brand of bed warmer or winter wear while it’s chilly weather outside.

2. Ease of use. Buying the best kiosks won’t matter to your business if the user experience is horrible. Design counts a lot. The Harvard Business Review says that using self-service technologies like kiosks basically means companies are shifting more of the work to the customer. That’s why having a hassle-free and easy to use and understand design is key. If it’s frustrating to use, your customers are likely going to quit and look elsewhere.

3. Location. Choosing the right location for your kiosk is important. High foot traffic areas are ideal. Seldom-visited spots won’t give you the marketing and brand advantage you want.

4. Kind. Choose the best kind of kiosk for your purposes. Doing some indoor marketing? Then go for an indoor type. Want to install a pay station kiosk? Pick one from plenty of custom outdoor kiosks.

5. Nature of transactions. Kiosk marketing isn’t for everyone, though. And it’s best used for transactions that value speed and efficiency. It’s best, though, that businesses need to balance these self-service technologies with social interaction. People are social creatures. We’re happy when we talk to someone. So if you’re using kiosks, make sure you’ve got the self-service—and isolating element—balanced out with unforgettable service delivered in another way, shape or form.

So don’t get left behind in using the latest technologies to reach out to your market. Just make sure you know how to make the most of them.

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