3 Ways to Keep Warm this Winter

The leaves are falling, the wind is getting brisk in the evenings, and apples and pumpkins are everywhere. The sights, scents, and flavors of fall are a wonderful sign for most people, but if you’re worried about heating your home through the cold months, they can feel a bit less celebratory and a bit more frightening. Here’s how to keep your home warm all fall and winter, so that you can enjoy the season – no matter the weather!

Keep Things Closed

One of the best ways to keep your home warm is to keep windows and doors closed properly. This keeps cold air out and warm air in, which can both keep your family cozier and keep your energy bills more manageable. If necessary, seal your windows and door cracks with tape, plastic, or ready-made sealant devices to protect yourself from winter wind.

Dress the Part

Many people who suffer from aching feet or stiff joints during cold weather spells do so because they refuse to dress appropriately inside their own homes. While you should certainly feel free to dress comfortably at home, it’s important not to overlook common sense when it comes to staying warm. Keep yourself comfortable – and protected from worsened illness – by wearing socks or house shoes, a robe, or a sweater indoors.

Call for Help

Nothing is worse than being in the middle of a snowstorm or a cold spell and having your heater go out. Thankfully, help is usually just a phone call away. When you notice signs that your home is not staying as warm as usual, call for heating repair service right away. Even if you don’t need repair, your HVAC professional may be able to offer tips to keep your system working better in the future.

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