Why Is Duplicate Elimination From Mass Mailing Lists Important?

Duplicate Elimination softwareDuplicate records in mailing lists will often be a huge problem for companies gathering large amounts of data. Duplicate records are usually a result of employees not knowing that the person has already signed up for a mailing list. Thus, Duplicate Elimination software will make sure that you are not sending mail to the same address twice.

High Costs For Multiple Mail Pieces Being Sent

First, duplicate records in a mass mailing list will end up costing your business a lot of money if you keep sending the same pieces of mail to the same address multiple times. Not only does it cost a lot of money to print each individual piece of mail, but it also costs a lot in postage to keep sending the same pieces of mail over and over.

Lost Money When Sending Multiple Free Items

Second, sending promotions to the same household multiple times will result in you losing money – especially when it is a free item or heavily discounted item that the customer is receiving. Customers will claim that you owe them the multiple discounts since the mistake was on your side.

Lose Face In Customer’s Mind

Sending many of the same pieces of mail to a customer’s address looks unprofessional. They automatically assume that you should have Duplicate Elimination software to make sure that they are only receiving a piece of mail once. No one likes to receive promotional mail, and receiving it twice will make you look even more unprofessional. For the consumer, it’s an extra piece of mail that they have to throw away – meaning that they will be more likely to ignore your message in the first place when you send multiple pieces of promotional mail.

An inexpensive solution to a common problem

Duplicate mailing list checking software is an inexpensive solution to a common problem. Eventually, you will see a return on investment when you consider the amount of money which is saved. Having a good mailing list solution will work to make sure that you won’t lose any customers, and your mailing list recipients will receive their mail on time.

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