When To Schedule Window Replacement For A Home In Marin County

by | Jan 21, 2019 | Home Improvement, Window Installation

In most areas of California, home repairs, upgrades, and renovations can be done year round. If you are planning for window replacement in Marin County, the scheduling of the service is less about the specific time of year and more about when it makes sense.

A key factor to consider is if any modifications are going to be done to the window sizes. In older homes, smaller windows are often replaced with larger windows in a renovation, allowing in more light and giving the house a new, open and welcoming look.

Home Renovations

While window replacement can certainly be a stand-alone project, it is often done in conjunction with the replacement of siding or with repainting of the exterior of the home. By scheduling the removal of the old windows and installation of the new windows strategically with the rest of the exterior renovations, the process can be streamlined and efficient.

In most cases, the contractor for the home renovation will schedule the window replacement before the new siding or the painting of the existing siding. This allows the new exterior to be perfectly installed to provide a full seal around the new windows and to have a professional, finished look.

Home Sales

For many of the older homes in Marin County, upgrading the old, dingy and dated windows with new windows is a great way to add to the value and the selling features of a home.

Adding energy efficient windows, increasing the aesthetics of the windows and the exterior of the home as well as providing new options in windows is a simple but effective way to make the property stand out.

Choosing a top company offering new, quality and efficient windows in Marin County is a great option. Working with Northwest Exteriors allows you to set a budget and find the perfect windows to give your home a new look for sale.

If you are considering window replacement in Marin County as part of a renovation or as preparation for a home sale, talk to the experts at Northwest Exteriors. More information can also be found at northwestexteriors.com/replacement-windows-santa-rosa-ca.

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