What to look for in an Electrical contractor Henderson

Need an Electrical contractor in Henderson to repair your broken electrical circuits or install new light fixtures? Here is what to look for in an electrical contractor before you decide to hire one. This will save you from being scammed or having to deal with a potential lawsuit from the contractor.

Is the Contractor Licensed?

Unlicensed contractors are a huge risk An unlicensed contractor can potentially be a fraudster, or someone whom will get injured on the job. An unlicensed contractor is very dangerous for any construction site as they most likely do not posses the skills needed to carry out the job.

Is the Electrical contractor Henderson insured?

If an uninsured contractor gets injured on the job, the homeowner is responsible for covering the cost of the contractor’s medical treatment. Liability and injury insurance should cover the medical expenses associated with a contractor’s injury. Make sure that the contractor is fully insured first.

Are you being quoted fairly?

In many cases, contractors take advantage of a lack of knowledge of the industry to generate unfair and expensive quotes. If you trust that there is something suspicious about the quote, make sure that you walk away. A quote that is too low will likely result in shoddy work if the job is to be completed at all, and a quote that is too high will result in you being ripped off.

Make sure that the Electrical contractor is responsive

A non responsive contractor will not show up for work at the proper time. If that is the case, the contractor will also be non responsive if there are issues with the contractor’s work. Make sure that you are able to communicate with the contractor, and that you are knowledgeable enough to understand what the contractor is describing to you. If the contractor does not respond, then the contractor is likely to be a fraud.

What is the contractor’s appearance?

With a legitimate company, contractors are often uniformed. If the contractor is of a shoddy appearance, then you will not want to do business with the company. Make sure that the contractors are uniformed for best results.

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