What to Do If You Suspect Foul Play with Your Child Support Payments

Are you paying child support, but are clueless about the formula your state uses to calculate your monthly contribution? How is child support calculated puzzles many parents today. The computation formula for calculating child support payments vary across states. Your child support family attorney can help you understand your obligation and any other conflicting concerns you may have.

Types of Child Support Calculation Models

The principal civil statutes recommend three primary models: percentage, Melson, and the widely used income shares formula to calculate monthly child support contributions. In certain situations, the state considers court discretion in the interest of your child’s welfare. Most U.S. states, including Maryland, use the income shares formula to calculate child support allowance.

What Does the Income Shares Formula Require of You?

An experienced family lawyer can educate you on the of how is child support calculated with the base income shares formula. It typically averages the income of both legal parents. However, the non-custodial guardian is responsible for a higher amount (55.6 percent) towards the net child support obligation. Meanwhile, you; the custodial parent, covers the remaining 44.4 percent.

Is Your State Using the Melson Method?

In comparison, the complex Melson formula bases payment on specific factors, which primarily includes SOLA (Standard of Living Adjustment) and the personal needs of your ward. It’s a component of the standard income shares set. If your salary increases, you and your counterpart generally contribute a higher percentage.

Using the Percentage Formula for Child Support Payments

The percentage scheme requires a fraction of the combined net income. Some states set a flat rate, while others use a varied percentage model, which generally coincides with fluctuations of a non-custodial guardian’s salary.

Do You Have Court Discretion Privileges or Not?

Sometimes, a court mandate grants preferential payment terms to a family. Court discretion based on the how is child support calculated takes precedence over the primary payment models. Some of the things a court considers include a parent having multiple child support orders out, amicable divorce agreements, and more.

Know Your Child Support Payment Rights

Do you believe you’re paying too much for child support? A licensed child support family lawyer can help you discover clauses that can work in your favor. A contestation over your monthly child support payments is a valid reason to seek professional legal representation and request a re-evaluation. Your chosen legal representative will help you navigate the complex child support system to get you better results.

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