Update Your Look with a Bathtub Contractor in Tampa, FL

Whether your bathtub is cracked, moldy, or simply outdated, getting a replacement tub is a fairly simple process. While you are responsible for choosing your style and color, among other things, you can leave much of the work to your bathtub contractor, who will supply everything that you need to revamp your bathroom for the long-term.

What Does Your Contractor Do?

Your contractors do everything that they need to do to get you a new bathtub, and this includes fitting, supplying, and securing the new tub.

In addition to the tub itself, your bathtub contractor in Tampa, FL should also be able to update the surrounding walls. They can also install showers and convert tubs to showers, among other things. Whether you are looking to update the entire space or simply replace the tub, they will have a solution for you.

When it comes to replacing the tub, you will be able to select from different styles, colors, and finishes. At Bath Fitter, your contractors will take the measurements that they need and ensure that your new tub is a perfect fit. In many cases, the new tub can simply slide right over the existing tub, but you can also request a change out if necessary.

Always a Watertight Fit

What’s important is that your bathtub contractor is able to create a watertight fit. This goes for the edges of the bathtub and the surrounding wall if you chose this update this as well.

To create a watertight fit, your bathtub contractor has to be extremely precise in his measurements, from the initial measurement to the manufacturing of the new tub. He will also have the necessary equipment to seal the edges for a seamless finish. As a result, you can rest assured that your new tub will function just as perfectly as it looks.

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