Three Tips to Make Your Kitchen Stand Out

Most people talk about home being where the heart is. To take it a step further, the kitchen is the heart of the home. This is the place where so many people congregate to enjoy meals, have conversations and enjoy one another. Knowing this, it’s nice for your kitchen to be a space people actually want to be in. Consider these three tips to make your kitchen stand out.

1. Keep it clean.
You may decorate your home to the nines. However, if it’s not clean, no one will want to come inside. One of the easiest ways to make space look dirty is by keeping it cluttered. Be intentional about making sure every item in the kitchen has a specific home. Never allow junk mail to pile up on the kitchen countertop. Don’t allow dishes to pile up in the sink overnight. Once you develop specific rules that allow you to keep the clutter to a minimum, it’ll be easier for you to keep your kitchen clean.

2. Choose a statement piece.
Choose the main statement you’d like to make in your kitchen. If you have really stylish custom cabinets in Chicago, don’t overwhelm the senses by purchasing chandeliers that overpower everything else. The custom cabinets in Chicago need space to make their own statement. It’s okay for everything to look beautiful in the kitchen. However, make sure one piece is the standout piece. This will help you to maintain balance and cohesiveness in the visual aesthetic.

3. Add accessories.
Don’t be afraid to utilize accessories in your kitchen. A potted plant near the kitchen sink is a beautiful concept to consider. If you don’t have a green thumb to keep plants alive, a fresh bouquet of flowers can be positioned in the middle of the island for a stunningly fresh look. You can add standing easels that hold cookbooks when you’re in the middle of preparing a meal. You can even purchase colorful appliances for a pop of dimension.

If you’re looking for more ways to customize your kitchen and make it stand out, contact Emery Custom Homes to see what services can potentially work best for you.

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