Specialized Property Management for Commercial & Residential Investments

Are you a commercial or residential property owner or both? If you’re having difficulties meeting the managerial needs of your properties, considering consulting a professional property management firm may be a helpful course of action for you. Qualified property managers are capable of assisting both commercial and residential investors with organizing their properties and garnering the most returns. Many specialized property management firms offer online management options, such as centralized accounting. Being able to check your investment’s status from anywhere and knowing your property is in the hands of an adept professional will likely bring you a greater sense of assurance. Whether you own a few family homes in the area, or dozens of commercial properties across the country, feel confident in your portfolio’s overall strength with the expertise of a property manager.

Flexible & Thorough

Commercial and residential properties are dissimilar in many ways, and require different skill sets to manage. While most of the elements of property management, such as tenant screenings, leasing, rent collection, inspections, maintenance, and more remain the same, a less skilled manager would likely find the chaos of an active commercial environment difficult to supervise. On the flip side, a manager who’s inexperienced with residential properties may feel out of their element. Choosing a specialized property management company that focuses on both aspects of management is a wise choice if your portfolio contains an assortment of both commercial and residential investments. Competent managers will handle any aspect of management you would prefer not to oversee, such as repairs, evictions, marketing and advertising, and more.

Online Accounting

Centralized accounting is an important aspect of online property management companies. Traveling and busy investors have the ability to view uploaded documents related to their investments via their personal accounts. As long as clients have access to the Internet, files such as tax documents, photographs, expenditures, inspection reports, leases and addendums, and more, are available to them at any time. Struggling to keep organized and updating records won’t be necessary, as the property manager will ensure each of your documents are available and easy accessible through their company’s secure website.

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