Spa Massage in Albuquerque NM Keep Person De-stressed

Spa Massage in Albuquerque NM Keep Person De-stressed

One of the best ways to stay de-stressed and look your best is to take the time to schedule a spa massage. Spa Massage in Albuquerque NM are available in several forms and are designed to keep clients calm and collected and looking good. If you have not had a spa massage before, then you are in for a treat.

Types of Treatments
In fact, most clients who have not had spa massage treatments are surprised when they see how many therapies are offered to them. Sessions cover aromatherapy massage, shiatsu, back, neck, and shoulder massages. You can also choose from such spa therapies as a lymphatic drainage massage, petals treatment, or pregnancy massage. In addition, clients schedule sessions that feature reflexology treatments or shiatsu. Stone therapy and Swedish massages are popular as well.

An aromatherapy massage usually lasts about 60 minutes and uses a fusion of essential oils and organic floral scents to enhance a Swedish massage. The Swedish massage is generally performed by two therapists and is designed to totally de-stress and relax the client.

Ideal Ways to De-stress
You can also opt for an shiatsu massage, which lasts between 50 to 80 minutes. This deep massage involves long and fluid strokes – strokes that elongate muscles that are tense. A back, neck, and shoulder massage is used to relieve tension in the upper part of the body or those areas most affected by stress.

Draining the Lymph
A lymph drainage massage is a therapeutic method of bodywork that is performed to release chronic pain by using slow strokes and deep finger pressure on the muscles. This massage is invigorating, as it helps to prevent fatigue and illness.

A petals treatment is a one of the popular Spa Massage in Albuquerque NM among women, as it features a rose powder massage to exfoliate the skin. Prenatal massages are also well-received by women who are expecting.

An Ancient Practice in the East
A reflexology massage is a type of massage therapy that is a well-known Ancient eastern practice. The massage uses thumb and finger pressure on specific areas of the feet – areas that correspond to specific areas of the body, to relieve tension and promote health.

A shiatsu massage is unique as the bodywork is performed without the use of oil. This type of massage applies pressure to specific body points to unblock “meridians,” or channels in the body through which energy flows. This type of massage, which can last between 50 and 80 minutes, is designed to relieve tiredness and stimulate natural healing.

Stone Therapy
Stone therapy combines the careful application of cold and hot stones with the benefits of a full body massage. The stones are used to relieve muscular aches and pains, relieve stress, and assist the body in getting rid of toxins, as well as increasing the blood flow. For more information visit

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