Signs it is Time for New Furnace Installation Troy MI

When it comes to a home’s furnace, keeping it working properly is a top priority. Unfortunately, regardless of how well a furnace is maintained, at some point, it’s going to stop working. When this happens, it’s time to invest in professional Furnace Installation Troy MI.

The good news is, most furnaces are going to let a homeowner know when it’s time for a replacement. Keep reading to learn what some of the most common signs are.

The Age of the Furnace

The average life expectancy for a furnace is approximately 18 years. It’s a good idea to think about Furnace Installation Troy MI when it reaches 15 years of age. Keep in mind, by replacing an older furnace sooner, better efficiency is going to be achieved, which offers a great way to save money.

Heating Costs Have Gone Up

Several issues may be causing energy bills to go up. However, if a homeowner has had to schedule regular, professional maintenance each year, and the air ducts are sealed, then the energy costs should not increase too much.

If there is a steady increase in heating costs over the years, it could mean the furnace is reaching the end of its life. As the internal parts begin to wear out, electric and gas bills may go up. If there is a significant increase in the bill, it’s a good idea to contact the professionals for an inspection.

More Frequent Repairs

In most cases, the number of repairs a furnace needs is going to go up during the last two years of their lives. Similar to making repairs to an old car, if the costs of keeping it running keep going up, it’s not worth it. A smarter option is to go ahead and invest in a new unit to reduce repair costs.

When it comes to a home’s furnace, there are more than a few factors to keep in mind regarding when it needs to be replaced. More information about when a new furnace is needed can be found by contacting the team at Royal Oak Heating & Cooling.

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