Reviewing The Process For Obtaining A Bail Bond In Oklahoma City

In Oklahoma, criminal defendants are allowed to leave the county jail after their release is permitted. The full value of the bail is paid, or the defendant obtains a bail bond. The bail bond is provided after a percentage of the bail is paid. A bondsman provides a bail bond in Oklahoma City for criminal defendants.

Who Can Purchase a Bail Bond?

The criminal defendant has the option to purchase the bail bond if the correctional officers provide them with access to their personal belongings. Typically, a representative or family member purchases bail bonds, too. The bail bondsman must receive their payment before the bail bond is provided. The most common forms of payment are cash, credit cards, checks, or collateral used to secure the bond.

What Information is Required?

The defendant’s name, the name of the jail, and their booking number is required. Their representative receives their booking number directly from the correctional officers. The criminal court clerk provides information about the facility and the defendant’s charge when necessary. The value of the defendant’s bail is established by the judge during their arraignment. The information is also available through the court clerk.

When is the Defendant Released?

It depends on when the bail bondsman has access to a criminal court judge. Typically, judges aren’t available on the weekends. The defendant remains in jail until the bond is processed by the court. The judge reviews the bail bond and provides release documents for the defendant.

What are the Provisions of Their Release?

The most common provisions of a defendant’s release prevent them from drinking or using controlled substances. It is unlawful for the defendant to leave the state without the court’s consent. Domestic violence cases also prohibit any contact with the victim. Any violation of the terms of the release result in the revocation of the bond and the defendant’s arrest.

In Oklahoma, criminal defendants secure a bail bond by paying up to fourteen percent of their bail value. The payment isn’t refunded at any time, and a violation of the release terms leads to a new arrest. Criminal defendants who need a Bail Bond in Oklahoma City contact Ken Boyer Bail Bonds right now.

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