Nursery Décor That Keeps Baby Safe and Healthy

It is exciting to prepare for the arrival of a baby. There is so much to do, and one of the important tasks is choosing the nursery décor. The problem is that the excitement can overshadow good choices when it comes to the infant’s safety. From the quality of the furniture to the decorations on the wall, a nursery needs to be a safe haven for the baby.

One of the most important points to keep in mind when preparing a nursery is that everything needs to be high quality. Though an infant is confined to a crib for the first few months, it is not long before the baby is crawling, reaching and grabbing. The baby furniture placed in the room needs to be sturdy and able to withstand rough wear.

In addition, the furniture finishes should be non-toxic and not emit dangerous VOCs. The same is true for the crib mattress, rugs, and curtains. VOCs are released by new furnishings and will diminish over time. A nursery should be setup and decorated long before the baby will actually use the room. As a precaution, the room needs to be aired before bringing the baby home.

Just for the Nursery

The nursery décor items should be designed specifically for nursery use. Though the decorating accessories are meant to create an appealing appearance, they are not created equal. The ideal accessories will not pose a threat to the baby. For example, the wall hangings should be lightweight. Heavy wall hangings can pose a safety risk should they fall off the wall. Though they are not hung with the idea of falling, the heavier wall accessories must be installed exactly right to avoid trouble. It is easier to choose high quality, lightweight wall hangings or lightweight artwork made specifically for a nursery.

Other delightful nursery décor items include growth charts, puzzle name letters, and personalized name tiles. These are just a few examples of how a nursery can be safely decorated for the little one. A good rule of thumb is to never hang anything over the crib. In that way, there is never a concern about accidents related to wall decorations. We like to think that everything will be hung with care, but accidents really do happen.

Playing Safely

When choosing nursery furniture, the same principle applies. It should be safe to use and able to take the kind of heavy use young children dish up while playing. Stools, chairs, dressers, and bookshelves must be sturdy and meet quality standards. Anything put in the nursery should minimize risk of injury. A mistake people make is putting delicate family heirloom pieces in the nursery out of love for the next generation. However, that type of furniture does not meet modern standards for safety and construction.

The nursery décor items added to the room can be sturdy, safe, and attractive at the same time. When shopping for bookends, nursery accents, artwork, furniture, or growth charts, be sure to put quality first. Your baby deserves only the best.


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