Knowing When It Is Time for Commercial Door Service in Tempe, AZ

Knowing when one needs Commercial Door Service in Tempe AZ is not a simple task. That is why it is important to know the common signs to look for when a commercial garage door is breaking down and in need of repairs. Here are four easy ways to tell if this is the case.

The Springs Are Broken

Springs on commercial garage doors of any kind are very important because they provide needed tension that helps the door lift and close when needed. These springs are typically found above or alongside the garage door by the wall. If there are two different springs on the wall, the chances are both of them will need to be replaced at the same time. This is not something that should be attempted by anyone other than a professional.

The Door is Very Noisy

While having a noisy door does not always mean it is time for Commercial Door Service in Tempe AZ, it can be a sure sign that something is wrong. While it may just need something as simple as lubrication, it could also be something more serious like the hinges, springs, or rollers needing to be replaced. Contact a professional to service the door and ensure it is not a serious problem.

Remote Control Not Working

Most commercial garage doors have remote controls and wall-mounted operators that allow the owner to open and close the doors with ease and convenience. While the remote could just need something as simple as a battery replacement, there may be a greater underlying problem. The only way to know is to have someone come out and check the door for any issues it may have.

Servicing a garage door on a regular basis is typically a good idea to avoid experiencing major issues that need repairs. Having a professional come out and service and check the door often is a good way to minimize repair costs and keep the door functioning properly. Contact ASAP Door Repair & Service Inc for all of your commercial door servicing needs. They are happy to assist with any issues a commercial door is experiencing. You can also visit them on Google My Business.

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