How to Enhance Space in Storage Units in York, PA

Using a storage unit provides a chance to keep belongings safe and sound during a move, remodel, or vacation. These units are also used frequently to store items when homeowners declutter their residences. To get quick access to belongings, it’s helpful to use storage space efficiently. Doing this can also prevent the need for renting another unit in the future. The following suggestions can make it simpler to enhance unoccupied space in storage units in York, PA.

Plan the Storage Room Arrangement

Take the time to plan the arrangement of belongings in the storage room. This only takes a short amount of time. Set items that will be used frequently closer to the front of the storage unit. Ensure that a pathway is created when loading items into the unit. Make a simple diagram detailing the positions of assets. Remember to label boxes correctly. The labeling on a box should match the labeling put on the diagram.

Take Advantage of Vertical Space

It’s beneficial to take advantage of vertical space. Build stacks against walls and corners to provide stability for the moving devices. Corners are ideal places to set appliances and furniture. Boxes and plastic totes can be positioned on top of these assets. Remember to allow a slight gap of about 1 to 3 inches between a wall and the side of the stack facing the wall. This allows the stack to lean slightly into the wall for support.

Make Smart Use of Empty Space

Make smart use of empty space. Find unoccupied areas where hard-to-pack items can be placed. For instance, the interior of a refrigerator is a good place to store belongings such as fans, laundry baskets, or lamps. Microwave ovens can be used to protect smaller objects such as books and breakables. Empty drawers can hold stuff such as clothing and shoes.

By using these simple tips, loading a storage unit can be easier and more productive. It will also help a storage room renter gain quick access to desired items. For information on renting storage units in York, PA, please visit This informative website assists customers with pricing, sizes, specials, and frequently asked questions on storage.

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