Help Available From a Divorce Attorney in Henderson, Nevada

A calm and amicable divorce can instantly become a full-fledged battle when people begin to argue about money. People often panic when they think about their security for the future, and the loss of the rewards they have earned through hard work. It is possible to come to a fair and equal agreement that will prevent regret and anger and give each member of the marriage what they want.

Keep Original Possessions

People should take away from an ending marriage the items they brought with them. Real estate, furnishings, and other items that belonged to one person should remain their property. The chance for conflict arises when improvements to the property took place. A home that had an addition constructed after the marriage, for example. In instances like this, the court may decide that the owner should pay their ex-spouse half of the increase in value to the home.

Divide Everything Equally

Split equally any money earned, physical property obtained, and debts accumulated during the marriage. Problems sometimes arise when one member of the couple feels they contributed more to the earning of the assets or blames the other for the share of the debts. A Divorce Attorney in Henderson NV can help to create an agreement to help address this type of concern.

Avoid Revenge Demands

Divorce, or the actions that led to the decision to divorce, can cause people to become infuriated and want revenge. The most common way people express this sort of anger during a divorce is through unreasonable demands. Someone may demand all the assets and none of the debts, they may try to gain sole custody of the children or expect a substantial amount of alimony. A Divorce Attorney in Henderson NV can help to protect people against an ex that tries these types of actions.

At Pintar Albiston LLP, we help each client to protect their future. Our legal team does all they can to design agreements that move the process along quickly and avoid conflict. We offer guidance throughout a divorce proceeding and can help to prevent future regrets. Contact us to learn more or to schedule a consultation. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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