Find an ENT Surgeon in Louisville, KY

Find an ENT Surgeon in Louisville, KY

An ear, nose, and throat doctor is also known as an ENT or ENT physician. An ENT doctor specializes in everything related to your ears, nose, and throat. The medical term for an ENT doctor is an otolaryngologist. Your ears, nose, and throat are connected systems that require specialized treatment when there is a severe ailment. Some issues may only be solved with surgery. You should look for an ENT surgeon in Louisville, KY such as Dr. Thomas S Higgins, MD, MSPH who has years of experience treating and operating. 

How Will I Know If I Need a Surgeon?

In some cases you could be born with an ear disorder which is also known as a congenital disorder of the ear. When you are born with a disorder, a primary care physician may quickly refer you to an ENT surgeon in Louisville, KY for treatment. In other cases, you may develop ear, nose, and throat conditions later in life. 

Do you constantly have ear infections? Are your ears always ringing (tinnitus)? Are your throat glands always swollen? When you consistently suffer from ear, nose, and throat issues, it is a good sign you will need to see a specialized ENT physician. Your primary care physician may be the first to notice your need due to the number of doctor visits you have had concerning the same issue. 

How Long Is Surgery? 

Each surgery takes a different amount of time. You cannot predetermine how long surgery will take or how long it will take you to recover without knowing what type of surgery you will need. An ENT surgeon will give you expert medical advice and answer all your questions. 

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