Dealing With A Dental Emergency

Any dental emergency is stressful and it is extremely important that measures are taken immediately in order to ensure there is no permanent damage to the teeth. People are often unsure of what they should do, they don’t really know if the problem is one that requires a visit to an emergency dentist in Chicago or whether they can delay treatment until the following day. There are a few guidelines that might help you decide what action to take.

Is it urgent?

There are certain issues that demand urgent attention while others can wait; it is important that you understand the difference. There are certain situations that do require immediate attention:

  * Excessive bleeding that will not stop
  * A permanent tooth that gets knocked out
  * Excruciating pain and excessive swelling

In cases such as these it is important to seek emergency dental care, contact your dentist immediately.

The greatest majority of dentists are positioned to offer emergency care, however, if for whatever reason you cannot reach your dentist, do not hesitate to go to an emergency room.

Who should you contact?

The first point of contact is your dentist. Even after hours an emergency dentist in Chicago is available. Even if your dentist is not available at the time, he or she will normally be connected to a dentist or a group of dentists that are.

If the pain is manageable, contact your dentist and try to explain as best you can what the problem is. Most dentists leave a little time in their schedule to see emergency patients.

What you can do if you have a dental emergency:

There are certain things that you can do at home which may help to ease the pain until you your dentist can see you:
  * If you knock out a tooth place it in a glass of milk until the dentist gets it, avoid touching he roots
  * If you are experiencing pain in one specific tooth try flossing, often a piece of debris will get stuck between teeth or become wedged under the gum
  * Apply cold compresses to reduce swelling and stem bleeding

Facing a dental emergency is never fun but how you deal with it can make a world of difference. Always contact an emergency dentist in Chicago and follow his or her advice.

If you have damaged a tooth or you are suffering from excessive pain do not hesitate to contact an emergency dentist in Chicago. You are welcome to contact Chicago Smile Design.

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