Choose a Burlap-Themed Wedding

Choosing a wedding theme is no simple task. There are literally no limits to what you can do with your wedding’s theme; if you want something formal, informal, offbeat or just plain out-there, there is a retailer ready to help you outfit your big day. One trend that’s caught fire lately in the wedding world is a rustic, primitive look that once was reserved for home décor. Using burlap for your wedding has become a popular choice – here’s how to pull it off with maximum cuteness!

Burlap at the Ceremony

Burlap may not be the most glamorous or traditional choice for a wedding ceremony, but there are many beautiful applications for it in today’s rustic themes. Tie burlap ribbons around bouquets. Make pretty burlap bows for flower girls or bow ties for the gentlemen in your wedding party. Use burlap as an aisle runner for a primitive, comfortable feel beat the bride’s feet or a burlap table runner across your candle-lighting or sand ceremony table. Combine burlap and lace all over the ceremony for a timeless, classic vibe. Wherever you use it, burlap will bring a touch of lived-in comfort to an otherwise buttoned-up day.

Burlap at the Reception

The ceremony isn’t the only place where burlap can be the star of the show. Choose burlap table runners for your reception tables or tie beautiful burlap ribbons and bows around chairs. Use burlap for drapes and banners or pretty applique for tablecloths and curtains. Your preferred linen and party supply retailer undoubtedly has numerous options for you to consider when it comes to burlap designs.

No matter what you choose to do with this versatile, homey-looking fabric, it will give your reception the warm, inviting feeling your newly-joined home and family will radiate for years to come. Welcome in your new married life together with beautiful burlap accents and love every moment of your big day!

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