Advantages of Using Manual Wheelchairs in St Louis, MO

Mobility-impaired adults often use speciality devices like walkers and canes to get around in their homes, but these products aren’t practical for outdoor use. Even a mild mobility impairment can make running errands, getting to medical appointments, and socializing outside the home a huge hassle, which is where wheelchairs come in.

Not all wheelchairs are created equal, though. Some Americans with new mobility impairments assume that electric wheelchairs always offer the best value, but this isn’t always the case. Read on to find out about a few of the benefits of Manual Wheelchairs in St Louis MO over their electric counterparts.

No Charging Required

Electric wheelchairs must be plugged in regularly to recharge the batteries. If someone forgets to plug in his or her wheelchair overnight, the battery could die while the wheelchair’s user is out and about.

Manual Wheelchairs in St Louis MO are powered by the wheelchair’s user or by someone standing behind the chair and pushing it. That means there’s no need for charging and no chance of getting stuck.

Others Can Push

Electric wheelchairs aren’t designed to allow others to push them around. They’re much heavier than manual wheelchairs and rarely have handles on the back. Manual wheelchairs allow friends, family members, and caregivers to assist their users with transport.

Easier Transit by Car

Manual wheelchairs can be folded up and transported in the trunk of even a compact car. Electric wheelchairs are usually oversized, which means they can only be transported by van or by using a special carrier. Many of them are heavy enough that their users need wheelchair ramps or lifts to get their wheelchairs into vehicles, which can severely limit options when it comes to getting around.

They’re Safer

Heavy electric wheelchairs can be dangerous for others. Even if users pay careful attention to where they’re going, it’s easy to bump into other people in cramped department stores or get moving too fast on a downslope. Manual wheelchairs are easier to stop and much lighter, making users less likely to lose control or do any substantial damage to property or nearby people if they do.

The Bottom Line

Most mobility-impaired individuals like to have both an electric wheelchair and a manual model on hand. Thankfully, Med X Change LLC offers both. Give them a call or click here to learn about options today.

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