Advantages of a dedicated server

A dedicated server comprises of an operating system (Linux or Windows), a web server, software and the Internet connectivity, all housed in the premises of a web hosting company. Dedicated server is specifically meant for a group of related company sites, or a web site to develop large amount of traffic. The server is configured and operated remotely from the client company. The server can be customized to the user’s own needs. The user can assign it to function only as resource server and not as a client. The web host owns the server and enjoys physical access to it.

A dedicated web hosting is useful for developing a high-end e-commerce site, or a complex business, since it requires more security and space that is provided by a web server dedicated to one’s business. A company purchases or rents hardware from host company which then manages and supports it by providing Internet connectivity. Dedicated servers are usually housed in premises of data centers with provision of power sources and HVAC system. Setting does not involve large initial investment.

A computer that manages printers can also function as a dedicated server. In some networks, a computer can act as a server and also perform other functions.

While looking for less expensive dedicated server, you should choose right specification and package, particularly its operating system, monitoring service, data backup, bandwidth, space and technical support. You should seek a few websites references from the hosting provider and read hosting reviews prior to settlement of price and signing up.

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