3 Challenges In Medical Product Design

Medical devices that are emerging on the market today are more sophisticated and offer greater control and options for both patients as well as medical professionals. For companies launching new products, the initial stages of medical product design are often critical in being able to incorporate the necessary advanced technology while also keeping the design safe, practical, and efficient at what is it supposed to do.

Understanding New Materials

Research and advancements in the formulation of different types of plastics and resins, has added to the potential materials that can be used in medical products. The medical product design team has to stay abreast of these latest materials, and determine if they are the right option for the specific product or device.

Of course, the FDA approval is always based on verification of all materials, so there is a safety factor in staying with a material that has been previously approved. Plastics that are designed for specific operations, such as artificial joints that provide a natural cushion and spring give patients a more natural experience, which can be extremely helpful in building a brand and expanding the market.

Life Cycle Issues

Today, medical product design is often focused on implants or wearable types of medical devices and products. With these types of applications, the life cycle of the product is an important factor to consider. The need to sterilize or be biocompatible and not cause any changes within the human body.

In addition, the life cycle of the device has to be considered. The shape, design, and even weight of the item can all impact how long it can be used or how long it will last.


Part of the medical product design needs to address the cost of the device or product. Increasingly there are lower-cost options being approved for many types of both implantable and wearable devices, as well as medical equipment and supplies.

For new companies to be viable in the market, they have to offer additional or enhance features as well as a more affordable or more beneficial type of device.

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