The Types of Wisdom Teeth Removal in Lawrence, KS

Your wisdom teeth are typically the last teeth that grow in. They usually grow in some time in late adolescence; therefore, many people have them removed in adolescence before they become a problem. They are molars that grow behind all of the rest of your molars; due to some micro-evolution and changes in diet, human jaws typically don’t have space for wisdom teeth anymore. The type of food you eat early in life dictates how elongated your jaw becomes. Most people don’t have space for the wisdom teeth, so they have to be removed. You can have anywhere between one and four wisdom teeth. If they are causing you trouble, you need wisdom teeth removal.

Pulling Teeth

If your wisdom teeth are causing you trouble, it likely means that they have already begun to grow in. A doctor might not need to cut into your gums. Instead, the doctor can give you a local anesthetic and just pull the teeth. That’s a common type of wisdom teeth removal in Lawrence, KS.

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Cutting into Gums

If you are opting for wisdom teeth removal before they actually start growing in, you will likely need to have them removed from below your gumline. That means you’ll need to have a dentist cut into your teeth and remove them. This is an invasive procedure, but it is fairly quick and does not require much cutting. A dentist administers a general anesthetic, removes your wisdom teeth, and then gives you some local anesthetic. There are some painkillers to reduce the pain and swelling. Once that is accomplished, you’ll recover in a few days.

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