Pairing Chocolate and Wine

Two of the world’s greatest indulgences include gourmet chocolate and wine. And, while both are great separately, each can enhance the other, as well. When you’re ready to have an especially indulgent evening, try pairing gourmet chocolate with the following wines.

Bittersweet chocolate – Try a glass of Zinfandel with bittersweet chocolate. The fruitiness of the wine will smooth out the bitter edge of the chocolate.

Dark Chocolate – A complex, fruit forward wine, like a Syrah will mix beautifully with dark chocolate. Of course, any bold, red wine works well with dark chocolate.

Milk Chocolate – This light, sweet chocolate pairs well with a lighter wine. Try a Sauvignon Blanc. The citrus provides an excellent balance to the chocolate. If you prefer red wine, pair a Pinot Noir with milk chocolate.

Semi-sweet chocolate – a light sparkling wine balances best with a chocolate that’s not too sweet, like semi-sweet chocolate.

White chocolate- A fruity Chardonnay goes very well with white chocolate. If you like your wine a little sweeter, try a Muscat instead.

When choosing to pair gourmet chocolate and wine, it’s important to pay attention to the quality of both. A fine quality chocolate has a good deal of fat, which helps it to pair more appropriately with wine. The acidity of the wine provides the right balance to the fat. An inferior quality chocolate will lack the fat to hold up to the wine.

Similarly, for wine to hold up well to a fine chocolate, it must have balance, a good amount of acidity, and should have some fruity components. Wine with a smooth finish will really allow the flavor of the chocolate to shine.

When choosing to indulge in wine and chocolate, take the time to choose a shop offering gourmet chocolate in Chicago. With any luck, you’ll find a great wine shop right next door.

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