Need Off-base Housing? How to Find the Right Place to Live

For military men and women, it can be difficult to find a place to live that is not on base. Especially, when they are often transferred to a new location within a few months. With moving around so much, military personnel forego public living spaces such as rental homes, apartments, or condo because they do not want to be confined by a yearlong lease that can be costly for them to break. Fortunately, military housing in Chula Vista is available to service men and women who do not want to live on base.

What to Search for When Looking for a Place to Live Off-base

  • Do they offer short-term leases or long-term? Some places that offer military housing in Chula Vista provide their residents with monthly rentals that will allow them to adjust their rental agreement to their needs.
  • How many bedrooms do you require? A one bedroom for just you or do you require a two-bedroom for a family?
  • Is the apartment furnished or unfurnished?
  • What amenities do they offer their residents such as a laundry facility, nearby parking, or private spa for residents?
  • Where will the apartment be located at? Is it close to the base, shopping centers, and restaurants?

Temporary Housing is Available with a Well-Known Apartment Complex

Foxwood Corporate Apartments understands the importance of military personnel being able to find affordable living quarters. Their complex is in a prime location that grants them fast and easy access to the nearest base and the International Border between the US and Mexico. Their fully furnished apartments have everything residents require to just move in and make themselves at home. When you never know when you will be moving, a monthly lease is an affordable option that you need.

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