Maintaining Your AC: Commercial Air Conditioning Contractors in Waldorf, MD

Numerous parts of your air conditioner require regular service and routine maintenance in order to extract the top performance possible. Many businesses put regularly scheduled air conditioner maintenance on the back burner until something goes wrong. This is a very big mistake. Here’s why.

Commercial AC Filters

Filters are the most critical part of your air conditioner and require regular maintenance. Filters are the part of your air conditioner that bears the brunt of the air flow and everything that entails. The very function of a filter is to prevent dirt, dust, and allergens from coming through your AC’s vent. Those contaminants remain in the filter; they don’t just disappear. They build up.

Filters, depending on type, must be replaced or cleaned regularly, which is one of the reasons that commercial air conditioning contractors in Waldorf, MD are so important.

Commercial Coils

Another part of your air conditioning unit that requires maintenance by Waldorf commercial air conditioning contractors is the coil. Just as filters, coils are prone to collecting dirt and dust. Filters help to prevent this accumulation but it still happens. This is a problem because buildup on the coil makes it difficult for the coil to absorb heat, which means that the air coming from the AC isn’t as cold.
Commercial air conditioning contractors are trained to keep your coils in tip-top shape.

What Your Commercial Air Conditioning Contractors Should Do

There are a number of tasks that your commercial air conditioning contractors should undertake. They should check refrigerant levels, look for refrigerant leaks, and check for duct leakage. They should check the flow of air through the evaporator coil as well as check the accuracy of the thermostat.

They should also check the belts in your system for damage and make sure that the motors are oiled.

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