Is It Bruxism, TMJ Disorder or Both?

Jaw clenching is also known as bruxism. It’s when you grind your teeth or slide it back and forth over each other. You can clench and grind your teeth without even being consciously aware that you’re doing so.

Causes of bruxism

A possible trigger for this condition is stress. When you’re stressed, upset or angry, that results in tension in your jaw muscles. It makes you grind or clench your teeth, Medline Plus says. However, if the bruxism leads to discomfort, pain, and a slew of other problems, other factors may be at play. How stressed you are, how long and how tightly you grind your teeth and even your posture, your ability to relax (or lack thereof), your diet and even sleeping habits can all be a factor.

Is it a TMJ disorder?

In some cases, though, you may not be suffering from bruxism but from TMJ disorder. Bruxism is an involuntary action and it commonly happens at night. A TMJ disorder, though, involves issues of your upper and lower jaws. Excessive teeth grinding or jaw clenching can lead to tooth destruction and joint pain and that could exacerbate your condition.

Do you have both?

It is possible to have both bruxism and TMJ. As these are two different conditions, you need to make sure both are properly treated and addressed. Keep that in mind when you look for a doctor in Tampa FL for jaw clenching treatment.

Getting treatment

Whether you have bruxism, TMJ disorder or both, the best way to move forward, in this case, is to seek out an experienced doctor in Tampa FL for jaw clenching treatment. The sooner you get to a doctor, the sooner your condition can be diagnosed and treated. Ask for possible treatment options and find out how to relieve your pain and discomfort.

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