The Best Uses Of High Bay Lighting

In general, the use of lighting is determined by the location or the facility. Choosing the lighting based on the amount of light required, the specifics of the building, as well as the cost of purchase, installation and ongoing maintenance and power requirements, is important.

For large spaces, particularly large spaces with high ceilings of at least 20 feet, high bay lighting is the best solution for most applications. There are different styles and designs in the actual fixtures, but with new advances in technology the long-life, high-efficiency LED fixtures are the best options for most buildings.

There are different high bay lighting fixtures and designs that are specialized for different applications. For example, in warehouses, the lighting may be required primarily on the isle areas and the fronts of storage racks. For gymnasiums or production facilities, the light may need to be uniform across the entire space, which will require different designs in fixtures.

To help understand the value of this lighting, a closer look at each application is often a helpful guide.


Most warehouses will have at least 20-foot ceilings, but also typically not more than 40 feet. This makes them an ideal consideration for these types of lighting fixtures.

Using LED lighting technology also means that the bulbs have the potential of lasting for up to 25 times longer than other lighting options. This means less time spent on lifts changing bulbs while also providing a better quality of light.

Industrial Facilities

Plants and factories, including those that use robotics or semi-automation with manual components, need to have the correct light sources to meet all required standards and safety requirements.

By installing high bay lighting using LED technology, true color, the correct light intensity and full coverage of the working area can be easily planned and deployed. This not only assists in production but it also increases safety throughout the facility.

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